FAQ / Help

Is this Free? For REAL?

Oh yes, MeetTheWorld is totally free! It’s free to sign up and to contact other members.

A few seconds for the registration process and YOU’RE IN! Or, register via Facebook, Google Acccount, it takes ever lesser time!


Why do I need to register?

Without getting registered, how would you get in touch? Without you and your friends registered, you’ll have to post everything publicly, resulting in possible spam hazards.

Our registration process is very simple – just a username, email address, password, language, looking for and location – that’s all! None of these information will displayed or disclosed, and we don’t sell any information.

Users will contact through personal messages. Your email will be used only to confirm your registration and to notify you of new messages.


I seem to be missing a message, what’s wrong?

If you receive an email saying you’ve got a message on MeetTheWorld but didn’t find it after logging in, don’t worry. Someone might have sent you a spam. That spammy email might have been reported by another user and hence have been investigated by our team. As a result, the spamming user was deleted along with all his spam emails.


How to add a friend?

If you want to add another user as a friend, just go to their profile page and click on “Add Friend”. Then you will be asked to confirm your request to add the user as a friend. Click on “Ok”, and the user will be notified of your friend request. Then that user will have to approve the friend request, and ones he does so, you two will be connected as friends and will appear under each other’ s friend list.


How do I send messages to other members?

For messaging another user, click on the user’s name to go to his/her profile page. There is a link to “Send Message” under the user’s profile picture. Click on it and you will be directed to a form. There you can type a subject and your message. When you’re done, click on “Send” and the message will be sent instantly. You can read your old message from your “Outbox”, where a copy of your messages will be stored.


How do I upload pictures?

To upload photos, click on “Add Photos” and then on “Browse”. Select the photo/s to want to upload. You can upload up to four pictures at a time. After selection, click on “ Upload Photos!”. Now you can write a caption or change the date for a specific photo. Finally, click “Publish Photo”.


Does MeetTheWorld require cookies to work?

YES. MeetTheWorld, like most of the internet sites, requires cookies to be enabled in your web browser. It will be user to remember your login information on your computer. Without it, you’ll need to keep logging in each time you move to a new page. To enable cookies in your browser (in case if you don’t know already), click here.


Where do my emails in MeetTheWorld go to?

We have our very own email system here for your emails, and it is accessed from the “Inbox” button on your profile.

This purpose built email system serves two primary purposes: Firstly, your received messages can be configured. Thus we can show you the sender’s profile picture and you can click on it to go to his profile.

Secondly, it’ll help us to keep you away from spam hazards. The emails are stored in our database, which allows us to check reported emails for spam. Furthermore, all emails are directly linked to the sender’s profile. So, they remain only when the user is active.

In simple words, if a spam sender joins the site and sends 100 spam emails, MeetTheWorld team can just delete his/her profile and all the sent emails will be gone along!


How do I close my account

To close your account, go to your profile page and click on “Edit Profile”. Then click “My Account” and there you’ll find the option to close your account. Once your account is closed, all your photos and sent messages will be deleted.


I really like MeetTheWorld! How can I show my support?

Well, Thanks! You are the ones that make us what we are. Add your friends to show your support to MeetTheWorld!