6 ways to improve your relationship

Relationships are hard. It can be tough, stressful and has the best ability to get on our nerves. But stress must not get the best of ours. A wrong step in a relationship creates four more to lurk into to break it off forever. But following these tips, you can create a healthy relationship of yours.


1. It always feels good to know that your partner loves you now as always. A simple ‘how you doing’ message or breakfast in bed can mean more than you think. It is the small things that make you feel special. You don’t have to arrange a lavish meal or something very exclusive. A flower bouquet after coming home can refresh your mood as well as the relationship.

2. Be ready to give up for your partner. They are your well-wishers. But it is important to know that they also need some attention. You can’t take them for granted and go along in your career path. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s the compromise that moves two people along. So learn what’s important for you. If it is something you don’t feel like you should give up, consult with your partner first. After all, your decision will be affecting both of you.

3. Speak up. If there’s something you don’t like, talk with your partner about it. Be polite and calm about it. And also encourage your partner to do the same. A couple that has said together for 50years has said that there was not a single day when they’ve gone to bed with displeasure between them. Whatever has happened, they’ve talked their way out of it.

4. Learn to accept your faults. Disable your defense mechanism. if you have done something wrong, learn to take the blame for it. Rather than being aggressive about your fault and trying to deny it, accept it politely. No person is perfect. Exercise forgiveness between yourselves. Quarreling over how you’re not wrong when you are can hurt the other more than it shows. It is always better to give up the ego and accept that you’re at fault.

5. Engage yourself with your partner’s family. Try to remember the small details. Arrange dinners and weekends with them. Remember and arrange something special for birthdays and anniversaries. Take their responsibility as much as you take your own families’. Be sensitive about your partners family problems. Learn to sympathize. Try to help them sort out. Maintain a healthy relationship with your in-laws.

6. The last and most important one: Give them space. Don’t spy on what they’re doing. And also don’t expect them to tell you all the little details about their work. Each one of us has a personal life. Always interfering in that space might not be a good idea. It is good to be open for advice. But advice must be given when asked for. Always putting your nose in your partners personal or professional life might not be the best idea.

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