Importance of Knowing foreign Countries Culture, social life of different people at MeetTheWorld.

Hello, MeetTheWorld, I am Victoria, from Canada. Culture influences is how people interact with each other. Without learning about other cultures, you have no hope in understanding what the world is really like. The real reason why we should learn about other cultures is because they help us to improve our understanding.


Since I was young, I have been interested in different cultures and living style of different types of people. Now I know how others live their life and their habitats, hobby and lots of other things. All credit goes to MeetTheWorld. Through MeetTheWorld, I have found a lot of friends all over the world, and there are many friends who have come to study in my area.

The communication methods that the earlier people had were mostly through postal services so it took a lot of time to communicate with each other. But now MeetTheWorld has made it easier. I am connected with many people from different countries through MeetTheWorld and it helps me to learn about the popular music, different types of religion, foreign cultures.

When I create my profile, set up my hobbies, interests, it will automatically show me people with same information and forums. If friends who share the same interests as I leave a comment on my DASHBOARD, they can get to know each other more quickly by exchanging information.

Keeping in touch with friends is the only way one could strengthen the relationship of friendship. As technology has developed to a great extent, MeetTheWorld now has the privilege of making friends with people from almost every corner of the world we wish.

There is something interesting about getting into know about different people from various perspective and cultures. All cultures and societies have their own kind of relationships with food. According to the experiences of people with international friendships, the first thing a person introduces in showing things related to their culture is their food. And there are many kinds of delicious food all over the world. Now I know about a lot of food from my international friends through MeetTheWorld.

Through MeetTheWorld it is easy to be connected with friends from other countries. Anyone from anywhere who has a Facebook or Google account can easily sign up here. I can get all my news in real-time like I do while social networking, so now I am using MeetTheWorld more.

“Hello MeetTheWorld! Hello People of MeetTheWorld!


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