Being minority doesn’t mean being alone anymore

Hello, MeetTheWorld, My name is Eric, from the United States, People who are of a different religion than the majority in a country, sometimes feel sad when they celebrate their religious festivals. I myself am one of them. But MeetTheWorld has given me the opportunity to find people like me. And it has brought colors to my dull festivals.


I used to celebrate my religious festivals alone earlier. Since it is not very popular here, I couldn’t find anyone with whom I can share the joy. Then one of my colleagues suggested MeetTheWorld. Here I’ve found friends of the same religion as mine. And now whenever it’s an occasion, we wish each other and sometimes we meet somewhere to celebrate together.

The feature which has made MeetTheWorld so useful is its search options. You only have to set your interests.
It will automatically find you friends with similar views. And it has a different choice of interests such as music, friendship, sports etc. I chose religion and friendship. All you have to do is register using your facebook or mail account. Then you’re ready to go.

MeetTheWorld has also given me a platform to represent my religion to others. I have written articles about it. Now people around me are learning about my religion. They also celebrate with me.

It is really a wonderful thing that MeetTheWorld provides communication all over the world. I have made many new friends using it. I have my own DASHBOARD. People are also finding new friends by leaving a comment in my DASHBOARD.
Not only this, MeetTheWorld also has real-time messaging service. It is becoming a new social platform where different people can communicate.

Many of us still don’t know about MeetTheWorld. My article is for them. It is not necessary to be really very expressive to find friends in MeetTheWorld. It has different forums where we discuss different topics. Anybody can join these forums. People here at MeetTheWorld are very helpful. And they are always ready to befriend you.
On the right side of the homepage, there is a quick search option. I recommend everyone to use it. This way you will find people like you easily.

Another benefit of MeetTheWorld is it’s completely free. So you can chat with your friends, learn about what’s happening all over the world and gather new experiences without paying a single dime. What else could anyone possibly want from a social networking site? And it is not mandatory to be bound within the language boundary. You can write in any language you want, MeetTheWorld will translate your writings in English. Communication has never been this easy before, neither it is going to be.

Clicking on the banner below will take you directly to MeetTheWorld homepage.
Didn’t sign up yet? Wait no more!either it is going to be.

“Hello MeetTheWorld! Hello People of MeetTheWorld!


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