Hello, everyone, I am Emily from the United States, a 12th-grade student, and I’ve faced a lot of difficulties regarding my education till now. I spend too much time in social medias. I knew that it was harmful to my studies. But now I’ve found MeetTheWorld. And it’s a place where I don’t waste away all my time, rather I use it to improve my educational as well as language skills.


MeetTheWorld is a very user-friendly website. It enables you to select a language of your preference and auto-translates it in English. You don’t have to stop to check the dictionary for every word written here. It also gives you a set of interests. You just tell it what you like, it will find you friends with similar interests from all over its members. I chose education, and now I have many friends who help me to cross the hurdles in my regular studies.

But for me, the best part of MeetTheWorld is that you can select an age range. This is a benefit no other social media gives you. I didn’t want a senior friend circle, so I selected the age range to be around mine. Now we are a large community of teenagers and young people who are still studying. We understand our problems better. And I’ve been learning so much using it. I’ve friends from different countries. They talk about their cultures and festivals. We also chat about our education systems, which we hope will help us in higher studies.

Learning about new countries is fun. I have more knowledge than most other people in my class. And it’s all because of the friends I’ve made at MeetTheWorld. There are many brilliant people here and they are always ready to help. I’ve found help in every subject. And it also helped me boost up my teaching skills. We discuss different things happening around us every day. Thus we are also keeping ourselves updated about what’s happening around the globe.

MeetTheWorld has a positive impact on my grades. Since I’ve started using MeetTheWorld, my grades have improved dramatically. I myself could’ve never believed that learning could be this easy and fun. My parents are also surprised.
MeetTheWorld has let me travel abroad without any worries. My friends of foreign countries have arranged my stay at their home. And they’ve also come to visit my country.

There are many educational communities for students. But MeetTheWorld provides you a free platform to discuss. For us, students cost is a very important issue to consider. But MeetTheWorld has solved the problem for all of us.

MeetTheWorld automatically generates friend suggestions for you according to your profile. And it also has real-time messenger service, which makes it easier to communicate. You can also join the forums there and see the discussions, comment too.

If you still not think it worth a shot, you’re definitely missing out. Clicking on the banner below will take you directly to the MeetTheWorld homepage.
Didn’t sign up? Wait no more!

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