Hello there, My name is David from the United States. Recently I have made many foreign friends. I am writing about the fact that I am proud of the good information exchange with the friends. I made many friends through MeetTheWorld, and I am writing because I know a lot of people who do not know about MeetTheWorld yet. So I want to let others know about it.


MeetTheWorld is an English-language based social platform and a place to meet pen pal friends. In recent years, many new features have been added to it so that we can exchange messages in real time. Through MeetTheWorld, I have found a lot of friends all over the world, and there are many friends who have come to study in my area. Sometimes my friends come together and party.

I introduced MeetTheWorld to my friends, and when they first accessed the homepage, they got confused because the page was only in English. However, there is an automatic translation service on the right, making it easy to translate. This is a unique service provided by MeetTheWorld which enables it to cross the language barriers.

I hope you also use automatic translation service. You can set your preferred language, age, and interests in your MeetTheWorld profile, and it automatically searches people around the world with the most similar interests using WorldMap.

I am interested in fashion, travel, and music. So it was really nice to find foreign friends with the same interests as I. I have learned a lot about the popular music of foreign countries and I am gaining new experiences through MeetTheWorld. I received a lot of news from friends, emails, and music files that were popular with friends through my MeetTheWorld profile.

MeetTheWorld also has a forum feature, so I did not get any other spam posts except posts of my interest, also I did not have any advertising posts or obscene information.
I am running a blog at MeetTheWorld, and my foreign friends have been able to comment quickly on my blog.

Anyone with a Google or Facebook account can easily sign up here. And if you send a message to a friend you want to be close to, most of them will heartily respond.
They have really good manners. I do not have a lot of English skills, but my friends are always rectifying my mistakes and helping me learn. So my English skills have improved a lot. Now I don’t have to go to an English institute, I continue a conversation with my friends in English while using MeetTheWorld.

I can get all my news in real-time like I do while social networking, so now I am using MeetTheWorld more. And because all the features are 100% free, you can use MeetTheWorld without worrying about the cost. It was very nice to be able to meet friends all over the world I. I have increased my foreign language skills naturally and writing this because I want to recommend it to people.
Didn’t sign up yet? Wait no more!

“Hello MeetTheWorld! Hello People of MeetTheWorld!


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