Hello MeetTheWorld. I’m Jenny from the United Kingdom. I had a lot of vacations this month. Since the company’s holiday season is coming, I’d made a lot of plans to travel around the globe. I was always scared of traveling abroad. And hiring travel guides is always so expensive. But this time I had a wonderful vacation with a friend I met at MeetTheWorld this month.
MeetTheWorld is where I got to know my friend from abroad. Already many of my foreign friends have joined this platform. You can chat with people from all over the world with different interests and culture in here. I used MeetTheWorld to get to know a lot of people around the world, and they helped me to improve my English skills through conversations.
Another wonderful feature of MeetTheWorld is its translator options. Unlike other social medias, people with zero or less knowledge of English can easily connect without stumbling over the language problem here.

There are a lot of interests and forums, so it’s great to exchange information, and if you become friends with each other, you can chat with a real-time messenger. And you can share your thoughts with your friends more quickly.
I was able to easily understand the situation of the country I was interested in, and I planned to travel to your country during this vacation, so my friends could stay at home comfortably rather than booking expensive hotels.
I have traveled with ease because of a friend who has reduced my travel expenses and served as a local guide.

I made friends with many people because of MeetTheWorld in many countries, and next time they’ve promised me that I would be a guide when I came to a place where I live.
I met many friends at MeetTheWorld because I run my own DASHBOARD. When I create my profile, set up my hobbies, interests, it will automatically show me people with same information and forums. If friends who share the same interests as I leave a comment on my DASHBOARD, they can get to know each other more quickly by exchanging information.
I wrote many articles about music and travel. There were many friends interested in those.


I used MeetTheWorld to talk about where I live, to listen to the country I was going to travel, and I did not have any difficulties while traveling.
This time I traveled alone for the first time, and my friends at MeetTheWorld were very helpful.
MeetTheWorld will automatically search for friends who are interested in my hobbies and interests when you specify a country of interest.
They send out simple messages and make friends with each other. Even if there is a lot of difference in time, we can ask each other’s best regards.
I think it is good to think that it is new SNS.

Didn’t sign up? Wait no more!

“Hello MeetTheWorld! Hello People of MeetTheWorld!


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